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Ganbarov Dashgin Shahbaz oglu, Candidate of biological sciences, associate professor, sub-department of botany, Nakhchivan State University (University campus, Nakhchivan, Nakhchivan autonomous republic, Azerbaijan),

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Background. Nakhchivan autonomous republic is a specific mountain region contrasting with other regions of the Caucasus due to rich plant cover and flora diversity. An important component of vegetation are the representatives of Astracantha species. Besides, some kinds of the said species, growing in the republic, are economically important. That is why monitoring of population conditions of such plants is necessary. The study aims at revealing species composition of Astracantha on the territory of Nakhchivan autonomous republic, as well as describing vegetative associations where the species grow.
Results. In Nakhchivan autonomous republic Astracantha species is presented by the following kinds: Astracantha alexeenkoana, A. andreji, A. aurea, A. barba-carpina, A. flavirubens, A. gudrathi, A. jucunda, A. insidiosa, A. karabaghensis, A. karjaginii, A. meyeri, A. microcephala, A. oleifolia, A. stenonychioides, A. vedica. Two kinds – А. karjaginii and А. aurea – typically grow in areas with high anthropogenic impact. Being rare the said kinds were registered in the red book of Nakhchivan autonomous republic. The article describes vegetative associations, including the representatives of the species. It is pointed out that Astracantha is a valuable fodder, medical and industrial plant.
Conclusions. The author emphasizes the importance of expanding the search of new kinds of Astracantha, the study of the degree of gummiferousness, need to update the spread zones Astragalus lagurus, A. mesites and A. strictifolius on the territory of Nakhchivan autonomous republic.

Key words

 astracantha, rare species, Nakhchivan Republic.

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